Runtime: 92 minutes

Directors: Christopher Boone and Kevin Smokler

Excellent new documentary that digs into the resurgence of vinyl records, the diversification of vinyl fans and what this all means for America today. "Begins by focusing on Record Store Day. From there, the directors take the audience on the entire journey of the vinyl record. From the pressing of the record to making the sleeve, all the way to it finding a home with a happy collector. They also travel the U.S.A to interview collectors, musicians, and industry insiders to offer as broad a spectrum of vinyl’s recent re-rise and the reasons for it as possible. From discovering that vinyl is recyclable, to seeing the reach vinyl has accumulated in its brief, new life, the movie surprises the audience with insights and facts that are, by turn, delightful and very interesting. It effortlessly captures the feeling of holding that item and convey that it holds memories perfectly. Like in High Fidelity, when the hapless lead rearranges his collection autobiographically, all of these things tell a story. They represent a memory that can be revisited anytime you want. This is the true power of Vinyl Nation. Recognizing that the collection might be impressive, but what makes it personal is what it means to you. The documentary is a lively, engaging affair, with excellent interviewees whose passion shines through with each answer. It is visually stimulating and exhaustively covers much of the record industry with keen interest. In regarding each piece as a story, it takes the macro to a personal level. That is quite a feat." - Bobby LePire,