'Back to the Source'

Runtime: 45 minutes

Producers: Robin Phillips, repmusic Ltd

Directors: Robin Phillips, Domininkas Zalys

Website: https://youtu.be/_I_OkTcVjbA

World premiere of a brand-new documentary film following an English musician retracing the path of jazz and blues back to their sources of the Mississippi Delta and New Orleans — focusing on Clarksdale (including an interview with Visit Clarksdale tourism director Bubba O’Keefe outside Ground Zero Blues Club), Tutwiler, and the Dockery Plantation as the real source of the blues, and New Orleans as the source of jazz. Robin Phillips and Domininkas Zalys intro/Q&A the film. English professional jazz musician, recording producer, and swing bandleader Robin Phillips retraces the path of jazz and blues in America back to their sources to better understand the art form he has dedicated his life to and see how the music exists in these places today; in a once-in-a-lifetime road trip on a Harley Davidson from Chicago to New Orleans, via St Louis, Nashville, Memphis, Clarksdale, Tutwiler, and Jackson. In the documentary Robin shares his passion and knowledge of the history of the music and the pivotal historic locations he visits, whilst also sitting-in on gigs with local musicians and interviewing people along the way. He also visits important recording studios that played a role in putting American music down on record and sharing with the world, such as Sun Studio and Muscle Shoals Sound Studio.