'Truth Lies Upstream'

Runtime: 15 minutes

Producers: Jesaiah Burnett, Denise Hughey Nall, Robb Rokk, Jesaiah Burnett, Brad Clements, Dale McNair, T.L. Gathen

Directors: Robb Rokk

The Desoto Arts Institute presents "Truth Lies Upstream," a new film short starring Mississippi's Johnny McPhail ("True Detective," "The Highwaymen"). A legendary lawman spends his last days trying to get the evidence he needed decades ago. An official Top Ten selection in the 2019 Memphis Film Prize. The Desoto Arts Institute in Southaven, Mississippi, is a non-profit made up of filmmakers, musicians, and artists that teach kids and teenagers about the film-making process in an accessible and hands-on environment. Their goal is to create an environment that cultivates the best in technical skills, artistic vision and professionalism with the goal of training and career development in filmmaking and STEM for the citizens of DeSoto County.