LOVE IS A SENSATION: Kosciusko folk artist LV Hull (special preview)

Runtime: 30 minutes

Directors: Yaphet Smith


INTRO/Q&A WITH DIRECTOR YAPHET SMITH. Oprah Winfrey may hail from Kosciusko, Mississippi, but most pilgrims trekked there to visit the self-proclaimed "Unusual Artist" — Ms. L.V. Hull — at her outlandish home. Per web site: "Now, as L.V.’s health fails, one final visitor would make her life complete: Blues legend B.B. King. Will The Artist meet The King before time runs out?" Despite being dismissed as a "crazy lady" by some, Ms. L.V. unapologetically dedicated her life to loving herself, sharing her art, and vanquishing naysayers. As she used to say, "You can’t spell LOVE without L.V."